Tilmelding / Registration

Sponsorer til Open Danish Farrier Championship 2020

Registration on Farrier Portal: 


Registration is open from 11.12.2019-31.01.2020.
Tilmeldingen er åben fra 11.12.2019-31.1.2020.

How to register and how to pay:

1. register on Mustad Farrier portal: http://www.farrierportal.com/event/

2. return to this web-shop page and scroll down. Now select your division and other products related to the competition eg. Price Giving Dinner, Knockout  Eagle Eye and select your T-shirt. 

Your crash course in Danish: Læg i kurv = put in shopping cart

3. pay with you preferred credit card

You have now completed you registration and payment and have secured your place in the Open Danish Farrier Championships

Practical information and guidelines: 
Du finder praktisk information og regler her: 

Rules and guidelines Open Danish Farrier Championship.pdf

More information on divisions and classes:

Division 1 - classes and shoes  

Updated 14.1.2020 with cut length changed to 250 mm (+10mm) in Class 10 

Updated 9.1.2020 with correct meassurement Class 10 and Class 12 shoe B

Division 2 - classes and shoes  

Updated 18.01.2020 with Class 8, Shoe A, Cut Length changed to 250 mm

Updated 14.1.2020 with Class 7 Shoe B, Cut length changed to 300 mm (+10mm) and
Class 7, Shoe A, new picture inserted

Updated 9.1.2020 with correct meassurement Class 7 shoe B and Class 8

Division 3 - classes and shoes - Updated 7.1.2020 with limited number of participants

Knockout Eagle Eye

We are planning a Knockout Eagle Eye and the winner takes 80%! 20% goes towards horses in need. 

Enter by buying a Eagle Eye pass just down below. Limited number of participants. Participants in the divisions participates for a reduced price.

Farriers not participating in the divisions a allowed to enter but we prioritize participants in the divisions when we fill up the class.   

Price giving dinner friday 6. march

Join us and our sponsors for Price Giving Dinner in Restaurant Mercur. Enjoy delicious food and drink in  company with the other farriers. Each participant can bring one paying guest. You can buy your dinnerpass just below. The restaurant has a limited number of seats - so hurry :-)

Payment for participation:

Division 1

Deltagelse i Division 1

Participants for Division 1


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Division 2

Deltagelse i Division 2

Participants for Division 2

A competitor that has not competed in the last 5 years can start a division lower.


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Division 3

Deltagelse i Division 3

Participants for Division 3


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Eagle Eye - for NON-participants in Div 1,2 and 3

Deltagelse i Eagle Eye-klasse for dem som ikke deltager i en af divisionerne.


Participants for Eagle Eye-class for those who do not participate in div. 1, 2 or 3. 




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Eagle Eye - for participants in Div 1,2 and 3

Knock Out Eagle Eye

Deltagelse i Eagle Eye-klasse for dem som også deltager i en af divisionerne.

Vi prioriterer de deltagere der også deltager i en af divisionerne.


Participants for Eagle Eye-class for those who also participate in div. 1, 2 or 3. 

We will prioritice the participants who also compete in one of the divisions.



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Price Giving Dinner

Deltagelse i Price Giving Dinner. Hver deltager kan medtage en ledsager mod betaling.

Participants for Price Giving Dinner. Participants can bring one paying companion each.



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T-shirt - for participants

T-shirt med logo fra Open Farrier Championship 2020

T-shirt with logo from Open Farrier Championship 2020



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